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Sunday, 03 November 2013

Cheers and Happy Sunday,

Have you been on our VNI Training site lately? If not, it is time to see what has been happening? Go to www.onthepathtovictory.com. So what is new?  Check out the Live Blood Cell Video, the Testimonials tab, the Founders link to begin with.

We are ramping up quickly and getting a lot of things done in preparation for our official VNI Launch. Our Executive Team is working around the clock to insure we have a very successful start. Stay plugged in, dear representatives, and continue sharing our great products and the phenomenal business opportunity to others you know.

See you on tomorrow night’s Business call and invite new people to the call. New people are the lifeblood of your business. We have a very talented Executive Team that are knowledgeable, experienced, passionate, and trustworthy in bringing to you, our valued business partners, the very best nutritional products in the world and an amazing network marketing background to support the opportunity to grow our income.

Lonie Coulter
Master Representative
Victory Nutrition International

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