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Prodosome Technology vs. Liposome Technology

Listen in as Steve Kushner shares with Bill Downs about Prodosome Technology and why it is so different from Liposomal technology. Victory Nutrition is creating amazing results by using Prodosomes in their products. Share this info with anyone you know who wants to dig a little depper in why these products truly get in within 5 minutes at the cellular level 100% of the time!

Bernard William (Bill) Downs

Founder and CEO

Bill Downs is the Founder and CEO of Victory Nutrition International, Inc. (VNI), an innovative direct sales and referral marketing company. Early on, during his 5 years as the staff nutritionist in a doctor's office in the Philadelphia suburbs, Bill was confronted with an expansive range of diseases and disorders that compelled him to immerse himself in research looking for health solutions 'outside the box' of conventional thinking. It became clear to him that seeing people one at a time would not achieve his vision of changing the health of a culture. It also became evident that superior outcomes were attributable to superior products made with premium quality ingredients. As such, Bill joined InterHealth Nutraceuticals to research and market premium quality ingredients to the dietary supplement industry.

Over the years, working with what became some of the most successful companies in the industry, Bill was instrumental in creating supplement categories that achieved a market impact of over $2 billion in consumer purchases for a variety of products from Garcinia cambogia and chromium nicotinate to grape seed extract (popularizing the polyphenol category) and natural calcium from coral calcium to algae-based calcium; the number 1 selling calcium in the independent and chain health food store channel. To fulfill his desire to provide the ways and means to improve the health and prosperity of people, Bill founded Victory Nutrition International, Inc. in 2013 with the stated mission to improve the quality of life and celebrate a world with hope and health for all mankind. Our Victory Nutrition products are designed to assist you in becoming a beacon of health and abundance for a lifetime.

Steve Kushner

Co-founder and Director of Research and Development

Steve Kushner has been involved in nutrition science, homeopathic research, and product formulating for over 28 years. Some of his nutraceutical and cosmeceutical formulations have impacted the national marketplace through such chain stores as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger's, and Rite Aid. Other proprietary and highly therapeutic product technologies formulated by him have only been available to health care professionals.

Many of these formulas achieved a devoted following among top professional athletes including several NBA and NFL athletes. Kushner created and was the first to introduce homeopathic amino acid formulations to enhance athletic performance. He has formulated products for companies that sell in independent and chain retail health food stores as well as the direct response channel. One of Kushner's major breakthroughs has been the development of a proprietary technology that facilitates absorption and utilization of orally ingested nutrients in less than 5 minutes. The culmination of this work led to the creation of a distinctly unique, proprietary and highly effective SK713 SLP nutrient encapsulation technology that enhanced nutrient delivery, bioavailability, and efficacy of orally ingested supplements beyond anything presently known as evidenced by clinical research.