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Is Your Brain Health Important To You? VNI’s DNA-Designed Precision Nutrition™ is a Disruptive Technological Breakthrough in Nutritional Support for Your Brain!

When it comes to nutrition for the brain, ‘one size fits all’ has been all that is available…until NOW. The guesswork can now be eliminated in nutrition because VNI is making available a breakthrough solution in DNA-Designed Precision Nutrition to optimize brain function. VNI is pleased to introduce the GARS Gene Test (A Comprehensive Clinical Version Of The Test). The GARS Gene Test Kit achieves the next level of nutritional support for the brain designed specifically by DNA results. The combination of VNI’s Brain Reward product and VNI’s RestoreGen Formula represents a disruptive technological breakthrough in DNA-Designed Precision Nutrition™. One measure of the importance of a technology is the issuance of a US patent. The GARS commercial test received a patent, issued on September 11, 2018, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

The GARS test identifies the genes in the Brain Reward Cascade and then classifies the potential for engaging in excessive reward-seeking and/or reward deficiency behaviors due to those genes. The GARS Gene Test also identifies the specific nutritional formula that is designed to address the ‘Genotype’ of the genes in the brain reward center in order to optimize the expression of those genes; thereby rebalancing the Brain Chemicals in the Brain Reward Cascade, called neurotransmitters.

The GARS Gene Test identifies the ideal Patented RestoreGen formula to be taken with VNI’s Brain Reward product that optimizes its ability to promote Focus, Concentration, Cognition, and Mental Sharpness; Relieve Stress; Regulate Cravings; Promote Easier Recovery, Elevate Mood, Enhance Weight Management; Promote Greater Energy, Cellular Detoxification, Optimal Brain Health, and Overall Wellness And Vitality.* 

Take The Test In Five Easy Steps! 

1. Purchase the Patented GARS Test Kit. (Open the kit when you receive it.) 

2. Use the Buccal (Cheek) Swab to swab the inside of your cheeks per the instructions provided.

3. Fill out the GARS test requisition form and insert it into the self-addressed envelope. 

4. Insert the Sealed Buccal Swab container back into the box in which it came. Then insert that box into the self- addressed envelope of the genetic testing laboratory and mail it as instructed. 

5. In about seven to ten days, you should receive your GARS test results that indicate which RestoreGen® Formula is the ideal companion to Brain Reward® to optimize YOUR Gene Expression and rebalance the neurotransmitters in the Reward Pathways of YOUR brain. To order and get started on your ideal RestoreGen/Brain Reward bundle, log into your account where you will be automatically authorized to purchase your specific bundle or call VNI Customer Care at 866-881-1624.  RestoreGen bundle packs are $135 for Partners and Preferred Customers and $175 for Retail Customers.

RestoreGen®'s trademarked and/or patented technology is consistent with VNI's pledge of quality and are made with premium science-based ingredients for optimal nutritional benefits.*